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Network POPs

Our primary switches are located right on the UK’s internet backbone at Telehouse North, which is also the primary home of the London Internet Exchange. Onetel also houses additional switches in Saint Louis, Missouri USA and Nairobi, Kenya. Our network setup guards against any 100% services outages owing to the strategic location of our London POP, as well as the deployment of multiple switching platforms across different geographical locations.

24/7 Quality Management

As a first line of defence, our advanced network monitoring systems enable us to create complex, automated routing management criteria based on multiple combinations of various criteria. Nevertheless, we maintain a highly responsive team of network engineers who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Global Footprint

We have built an extensive network of voice interconnects covering every continent across the globe, affording us access to a strong pool of in-country vendors in a diverse range of markets, particularly within the EMEA and CIS regions. Solid relationships with our interconnected partners ensure that they understand our values and strong emphasis on quality, and this in turn enables us to unearth some of the most stable routes which fall outside our traditional markets.

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