Voice Termination

Onetel provides wholesale call termination services to voip carriers, mobile operators, calling card operators and corporate clients. We recognise that each customer will have specific needs which may be different from others. For this reason, we adopt a flexible approach to our product offering, tailoring our services to meet specific customer needs and expectations.

We don't like trouble tickets

When we offer any destination to our customers, they will know exactly what to expect. We are acutely aware of the knock on effects of poor quality and the unquantifiable costs involved in raising and dealing with trouble tickets. Whilst this may be an unavoidable part of telecommunications, we strive to avoid them as much as we can and therefore, we are hell bent on quality.

We don't do A - Zs

With nearly 10 years’ experience in this industry, we have found that in most, if not all cases, a significant portion of destinations found in A-Z offers do not work. What we do instead is provide destination offers that customers can depend on, broken down into 4 categories:

Route & Forget

All traffic routed directly into the destination carrier's network, guaranteeing the highest quality connections, at very competitive rates. Some of these destinations include: Angola, Burundi, Canada, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, UAE & USA

Premium Routing

Traffic routed to in-country partners with dedicated capacity, tried, tested and continually monitored through our own retail traffic. Some of these destinations include: Eritrea, Ghana, Germany, Liberia, Libya, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Tunisia, UK, Uzbekistan & Zimbabwe

Economy Routing

Traffic routed through our extensive global network of interconnected partners, usually with multiple backups in place for each destination. This is naturally our lowest priced routing option owing to the diminished level of control over quality and performance.

Tailor-Made Routing

Flexible routing based on customer requirements, usually designed to hit specific price points while maintaining pre-defined quality benchmarks. This is an art at which we have become masters and has been particularly successful for retail operators and a few premium wholesale carriers
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